Proud Bird
Proud Bird by Shirley Kleppe – The Story Behind The Art

Back in the Edmond, Oklahoma days, I was very involved with the local art groups. All through my art experiences, there were summer outdoor art fairs with artists putting their artwork for sale on panels or easels. This was great for everyone. The public could get original art for very little cost, and the artist would be able to make money to live another day.

In between my competition watercolors, I produced various works just for these art fairs. Each piece was original, but usually small and easy to paint. Proud Bird was one of those pieces. It was 22” high by 15” wide. It was simply framed in only white mat board. A local decorator saw it and purchased it right away. It sold for $50.00 cash. I was very happy to sell it, and the decorator was delighted. I photographed the painting with my camera, so I still have the record of the image, thankfully!

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