Email For Lunch by Shirley Kleppe
Email for Lunch by Shirley Kleppe – The Story Behind The Art

My husband and I have a favorite local restaurant for food and drinks. We usually sit in our favorite seats at the bar for the best view of the room. One summer day lunch, a couple was sitting by the window directly in front of us. Their lunch was waiting on the table with drinks poured. As they ignored their lunch, they were on their own cell phones, totally absorbed in reading and sending emails. Email for Lunch is a painting that makes a statement on public cell phone communications.

Today, cell phone use in public is accepted, because everyone is doing the same thing… on their cell phones. Maybe the question here is, how much of our lives is being spent on electronic devices? How often have you turned off your phone to have a quiet meal? This obsession of not missing a call or email is habit forming and annoying. Is it a sign of the times to disrespect those around you? I make a point to silence my phone in public. Somehow, eating an email for lunch is not very filling. Having a good meal and conversation is so much more satisfying. Turn off your phone!

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