Flower pots in Tlaquepaque

Summer Serenade - The Story Behind The Art

My Summer Serenade painting was from my inventory of photographs from Tlaquepaque. The scene is from the side of the chapel.

This painting is on a ‘half sheet’ at 15.0″ h x 22.0″ w of d’Arches 140 lb cold pressed paper. I used Winsor & Newton tube pigments, and Winsor & Newton Kolinsky Sable brushes. The paper was water-soaked for a few minutes, drained and squarely placed on a 1/4″ piece of Masonite board. Extra water was dabbed up with paper towels, and brown glue-tape placed 3/8″ overlapping on all four sides. The board with the taped paper is allowed to air dry in a horizontal position out of the sun. When the paper is dry (usually after one day), it is drumhead tight and ready for painting!

The first and only show the painting was seen was “The Arizona Watercolor Association Spring Show” at the Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, Arizona, April 16-30, 1989, by Morris Shubin. ‘Summer Serenade’ was purchased during the show. It is a peaceful painting and I miss it!

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