My hometown is Sedalia, Missouri, which is the historic location of the Missouri State Fair. My Sedalia ancestry family lived just blocks from the fairgrounds. I rode my bicycle there often. During a summer visit to my parents, we made our usual trip to visit the fairgrounds. Even though the state fair is only once a year, it serves as a pleasant local trip for everyone.

My parents loved the year round garden wonders. They collected seeds, plants, and experiences. Maybe the favorite part of the fair grounds is the lily pond. It has been there forever. I dreamed about walking around on the giant lily pads like Thumbelina. It is a cool and soothing relief in the hot, humid summer of the fair.

During one trip there, I had my camera taking assorted photos of the lily pond. It was delightful. I got a great photo. The original painting was done on a 100 lb. high glossy paper. It was junk paper from a local printing company. I thought I would try something that was looser in watercolor. The painting was less than I expected. It floated around in my studio for a while.

In 1994, I went over the watercolor with a watercolor crayon. Bingo, that was just what it needed to be successful. You can save hopeless paintings! Pink Waterlily was never exhibited, but I enjoy it nevertheless.

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