“Jewels” had a long and successful showing in exhibitions. It is the 8th painting in the “Pots and Jars Series”, and completed April 3, 1992 on a half sheet of watercolor paper, 15” by 22”. It was completed after the most successful “Breathless Reds”. Since it was a half sheet, it was easier to finish. Its theme was red, white, and blue, with the background being Winsor Blue. I kept with the delicate brush strokes in high color. I love the painting, and it shows. It never won an award, but it should have!

The list of “Jewels’” shows is longer than its story! The first show was “The Kentucky Watercolor Society 15th National Exhibition, Aqueous ’92,” at the Louisville Visual Art Center Association at Oxmoor Center, Louisville, Kentucky, September 4-13, 1992, Juror of Selection and Awards, Jim Cantrell.

The next show was “The Allied Artists of America, Inc. 79th Annual Exhibition,” at the National Arts Club, New York City, New York, December 3-13, 1992, Jury of Selection, Richard Pionk, Joseph Rossi, Rhonda Yanow; Jury of Awards, Serge Hollerbach, Joan Rothermel, Janet Jones.

Next year, “The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society14th Juried Exhibition,” at the Laurel Arts Philip Dressler Center For The Arts, Somerset, Pennsylvania, September 26-October 28, 1993, Juror of Acceptance, Janet Walsh; Juror of Awards, Don Getz.

Onward. “The Scottsdale Celebration of Fine Art,” Scottsdale, Arizona, February 10-15, 1994, the Arizona Artist Guild Invitational.

“The Watercolor Art Society-Houston, 18th International Exhibition,” Texaco Heritage Plaza, Houston, Texas, April 18-May 13, 1994, Juror of Selection and Awards, Linda A. Doll.

“The Arizona Watercolor Association, 1995 Fall Exhibition,” Glendale Municipal Gallery, Glendale, Arizona, November 5-17, 1995, Juror of Selection and Awards, Marilyn Hughey Phillis.

“The 2013 Missouri Watercolor International,” at the National Churchill Museum and Library, Fulton, Missouri, April7-May 17, 2013, Juror of Selection, Laurin McCrackin; Juror or Awards, Sandra Shaffer.


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