Iris Delicata - The Story Behind The Art

Faced with many, I was free to interpret what I saw. My usual approach in a new painting is to make a ‘trial run’ by painting a half sheet of watercolor, 22” high by 15” wide. Iris Delicata was painted on a smooth Arches hot-pressed paper, stretched and mounted on Masonite. I wanted it to look like a kaleidoscope with the close flowers looking brighter than the background flowers. I wanted to make the painting light and loose, with minimal delicate detail. At this time, I was experimenting with line work. Looks like I have always loved the linear quality in nature.

Since I was in Oklahoma, I kept my Arizona art presence strong. I made arrangements with a fellow artist to deliver my paintings accepted into Arizona art shows. After completing Iris Delicata I entered it into “The Orange Blossom Affair Juried Fine Art Exhibit”. It was held by The Valley Artists League at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona from March 22 to 24, 1985. This was my third show of the Valley Artists League. Much to my surprise, the painting won first place watercolor! To this day, I am not sure where the painting is.

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