My painting Freehand Fireworks takes inspiration from the beautiful area of Tlaquepaque in Sedona, Arizona. I knew this was going to be a great place for me to explore the many compositions from this unique place. I look for beautiful compositions, colors, and shadows. When I see a certain possible painting, I sit and look at it. I walk around the composition and decide what light angle is the best. (I am usually with a group and/or family members. I disappear for a while to do ‘my work’, so everyone knows I am doing ‘my thing’. They do not ‘bug’ me. I like that.) As you see, this is during the spring with the incredible tulips. Yes, it is fantastic! The painting was completed in 1986.

The first show for Freehand Fireworks was the “Arizona Artists’ Guild Fall Membership Juried Exhibition” in October 26 – 31, 1986. It received an Honorable Mention and American Frame Merchant Award.

Later the painting was selected for “The 12th Annual Exhibition of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies” at the Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas from March 28 – May 8, 1987. This was my third acceptance into the Western Federation Exhibitions.

The painting was accepted into “The Arizona State Fair Fine Art Exhibition” in Phoenix, Arizona, October of 1987.

Shortly after the show, my friend and art patron saw the painting and purchased it. I am thankful to her generosity to allow me to archive Freehand Fireworks and see the painting once more.

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