“Fire Pots” is the third painting in the “Pots and Jars Series.” It is the only painting in the series that is a quarter sheet of watercolor paper, 11” high by 15” wide. The first painting in the series, “Pots and Jars,” was a serious study in natural, earthy browns with great attention to brush details and muted colors. The second in the series is “Hot Pots,” my first foray into high color. As an artist who is forever exploring, I wanted to try a smaller size to reduce the time it takes to paint it. Since all of the “Pots and Jars Series” took much time to complete, I needed to somehow speed up the process. The painting was easy to complete, but the bright colors were much more muted. My friends, Allin and Donna Phister now own the painting. I very much appreciate that they let me borrow the painting to archive it.

The first show “Fire Pots” was exhibited was “The Watercolor West Annual Exhibition 12,” at the Brea Civic and Cultural Center Gallery, Brea, California, March 3-April13, 1990, Juror, Virginia Cobb.

Later that year, it was shown at “The Pennsylvania 12th Annual Juried Exhibition, 1990,” at the Sharadin Art Gallery, Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, September 30-November 4, 1990, Juror of Selection, William D. Gorman; Juror of Awards, Howard N. Watson.

The painting’s last show was ”The Watercolor U.S.A. 1991,” Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, Missouri, June 1-July21, 1991, Juror, Brian Paulson.


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