I had been doing many forms of Japanese sumi-e painting for many years. In the past I painted on regular or plant embedded rice paper that was mounted to illustration board with a 50/50 mixture of water-soluble white glue and water. The Aquarius Paper was just the right paper support for this type of painting. There are some drawbacks. If you touch the paper with your hands or arms, the fiberglass gets into your skin and is irritating as stinging nettles! I made several of these small sumi-e paintings for gifts.

Fiberglass Flowers is the last small floral of this nature I still own, produced in 1981. This small floral painting, 6.079″h by 5.776″w was painted on discontinued original Strathmore Aquarius Watercolor Paper. This paper was toxic, because it actually has fiberglass fibers embedded into it, making it buckle-free when watercolors or inks are applied. It is now virtually impossible to obtain this paper. I used Winsor & Newton tube pigments, with Winsor & Newton Kolinsky Sable brushes. The paper needed no stretching.

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