Rembrandt Painting from 1642, “Guards of the Night” Is Brought To Life

The Rijksmuseum museum in Holland had an idea: Let’s bring the art to the people and then, hopefully, they will come to see more – at the museum.
They took one Rembrandt painting from 1642, Guards of the Night and brought to life the characters in it, placed them in a busy mall and the rest you can see for yourself !
PS Send the end of the feature to see how difficult it was to make with other stories!

Guards of the Night

Guards of the Night staged

2 thoughts on “Rembrandt Painting from 1642, “Guards of the Night” Is Brought To Life”

  1. Hmmmm I like the original much better. Something about the lighting and proportionality – doesn’t do well in the translation. The stage production again does less well than the original play. Nice try though!

  2. This is an incredibly clever way to advertise and promote a painting!!! Amazing! Grabs the publics attention and brings them right into the painting in vibrant life. VERY well done.

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