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By emphasizing strong and unique ideas, my art reflects a passionate, intuitive view of life. Art which has a universal quality, which could be found in any age or culture.

On a more conscious level, I want to produce multi-dimensional paintings, which will allow the viewer to step into the painting: to visually run their hands over the smooth and ridged surfaces; to feel the heat of the reds and cool of the blues; to hear the breezes come from the inner recesses of the composition; to taste the surfaces; to smell the pungency of the moisture swirling around and out of the shadows. To become involved and participate is what makes a person feel vibrant and alive. By challenging the senses, the intuitive is embraced: to capture colors and feelings that go undetected by cursory evaluation. The idea is to paint colors and light that are unseen. This represents an intuitive perception of what could be seen if all senses were represented by color: to show particular color and light where none are truly seen by the eye.

Photography has always been a part of my life, as it was introduced to me as a child through my father's avid amateur interest. As a child, he made himself a simple box camera and later bought an Argus 35mm camera, with a 50 mm lense. He took photos of everything, but mostly of his family. When I got older, I received my first camera, a Kodak Brownie, for my tenth birthday. Under my father's guidance, he taught me the fundamentals of photography and the importance of observation. He had his own darkroom in a utility room just off our kitchen. I watched him every time he went to his dark room. I'd stand very still on a stool next to him watching the whole process. I loved the red light!


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